The first step to a perfect result in the construction industry is to prepare well-completed studies. Our company designs any kind of study concerning constructions and renovations of spaces in Greece and abroad. The staff is constantly updated and trained in new technologies and current technical regulations. Thus, the safety of the constructions is achieved, with the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions. Taking into account the personal preferences and needs of the customer as well as the data of the space, the company undertakes:

  • Building permits
  • Topographic drawings
  • Architectural studies
  • Impressions
  • Photorealism
  • Static studies
  • Electromechanical studies
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Interior studies
  • Arbitrary setting


The company undertakes the construction of projects, private and public sector. Each project is completed according to the previous study, the budget that has been drafted and the timetable that has been set. Due to the many years of experience of the executives, the work is carried out in an organized, coordinated and consistent manner. Recognizing that quality and economy are key factors in success, they are committed to ensuring the best combination. Based on the above, all customer needs in construction work are covered, such as:

  • Construction of
  • Landscaping
  • Rehabilitation and restorations
  • Interior decorations
  • Environmental configurations
  • Installations of water supply, irrigation and sewerage networks


Peppas Construction is involved in project management in Greece and abroad. The team of collaborators undertakes all the stages from the initial design to their completion and delivery. 35 years of experience and a well-trained team guarantee success in any project. The goal is for the end result to fully meet the customer’s needs in terms of quality, time and cost.

  • The main steps and procedures in managing and implementing a project are:
  • data control and request determination
  • scheduling and monitoring
  • drafting a comprehensive study
  • maintaining a financial budget
  • licensing procedures
  • perfect work coordination
  • physical presence on site
  • continuous information on the progress of the project
  • control at each stage of the process
  • compliance with safety and hygiene rules
  • flexibility and immediate adaptation to changes in specifications


The study, construction and management of a project, within the framework of the business strategy, are completed by the services of a technical consultant. Our company covers all the needs of projects in the private or public sector. The exploration of alternative scenarios enables the selection of the solution that most comprehensively covers the needs of the customer and the project. In addition, the company has in its team individuals who can guide the customer regarding investment programs and real estate issues. Good knowledge of the market and constant information about the developments in the industry, are the key to safe investment advice. The company’s consultants, respecting the trust of the customers, honestly and responsibly provide advice and services related to: Technical-economic studies of projects.

  • Business Plan and script study
  • Management and utilization of buildings, accommodation, residences, offices, etc.
  • Investment programs
  • Real estate